Welcome to the lab! Your health and safety is a priority, as is the health and safety of the other lab members that you work with. Since you are new to the lab, there are aspects of working in a lab that we want you to be especially aware of. Below are the required activities that should be completed as soon as you’ve joined the lab.

Below are the 4 Steps to Lab Safety Training

Step 1

Read the Everhart Lab Biosafety Manual (pdf), as it has the most important information.

Step 2

Review categories below and take the required online training here: http://ehs.unl.edu/web-based-training

Required for everyone:

- Core - Injury and Illness Prevention Plan
- Core - Emergency Preparedness
- EHS Chemical Safety
- NIH Guidelines Module
- EHS Biosafety in the BSL-2 Laboratory

Additional required training for temporary workers:

- EHS Biosafety Basics Training

Additional required training for permanent workers (graduate students, postdocs, technicians):

- Personal Protective Equipment Training

Step 3

Review the online virtual lab manual: https://scsapps.unl.edu/VirtualManual/AccessYourProfile.aspx

Step 4

When in doubt, ask a lab manager what you should do.

For your reference, here is the Institutional Biosafety Committee Protocol(pdf) for our lab.

You can also review this PowerPoint presentation (pdf) is from our Lab’s Safety Training Refresher.