Sydney E. Everhart

Assistant Professor and Quantitative Ecologist
80% research / 20% teaching

My research interests are to better understand how and why disease outbreaks occur.  This is a fundamental question that I strive to answer using epidemiology, population genetics/genomics, and experimental approaches.  For example, quantifying symptoms and patterns of disease is a first step towards identifying mechanisms of disease spread.  Subsequently, the use of molecular genetic markers for the pathogen can enable deeper inference of sources of the pathogen within the cropping system.  Finally, experimental approaches are useful, and in my opinion, underutilized, to better characterize modes of spread and mechanisms of evolution.

Aside from research and teaching, I am passionate about being an advocate for women and minorities in science and when not doing science, I can either be found gardening or mountain biking the paths and trails of Lincoln.

Education and experience:
    Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2014 - present
    USDA-AFRI-NIFA Postdoctoral Fellow, Oregon State University, 2012 - 2014
    Ph.D. in Plant Pathology, University of Georgia, 2012
    M.S. in Biology (Ecology), University of Central Missouri, 2007
    B.S. in Biology (Spanish minor), University of Iowa, 2005
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Contact information:
    Office:  402-472-2879
    Cell:  402-802-1743
    Office:  406G Plant Science Building
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